Revival of Multiplayer

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Revival of Multiplayer

Post by HereticFurby » Tue Dec 25, 2012 5:13 am

Hello fellow fans. After realizing that I can now play Descent 1 and 2 online again, I would love to make an attempt to revive the community a bit for this game.
I am an active streamer on at

If you guys are interested, I can stream tournaments, co-op games, we can start clans, groups, teams, etc. and stream via Twitch, hopefully expanding the audience to a lot of new people to the game.

I personally prefer Descent 1 and 2 over 3 because the mechanics of 3 were so drastically changed and I just seem to enjoy 1 and 2 more.
Please message me back if you guys would like in on this project.

I'd really like to get this going so we can stream the game, expand the audience and run awesome matches just like I did when I was 5 years old :D
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Re: Revival of Multiplayer

Post by Sirius » Tue Jan 01, 2013 1:05 am

In case someone hasn't already pointed it out, this might be what you're looking for:
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