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The Last Word -- New concept album!

Posted: Sun Dec 31, 2017 12:01 pm
by Alter-Fox
An epic story about a world that has become a dream, and the people caught in it.
I thought to myself, "what's the best day of the year to put out a bunch of songs whose tags will only show the release year?" The answer is obviously the day when that release year is almost, but not quite, entirely wrong. :D Especially for a collection of songs entirely about the subjectivity of objective reality.
Was going to put it out at 11:59 pm but I can't guarantee I'd be here to do it. And bancamp doesn't let you automate that. 11:55 am will have to do. :)

There are some lyrical hints that the album takes place in the SCP Foundation universe, but that, just like the release year, is entirely subjective.

The release is just on Bandcamp for now, but I'll get it onto most of the major online music stores in the next couple weeks. I'd still urge you, if you do want to spend the money, to spend it on bandcamp 'cause more of it will go to me that way. :evil: