So let's highlight some lesser knowns (campaigns)

Descent mission help and more WARNING: Spoilers inside!

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So let's highlight some lesser knowns (campaigns)

Post by MegaDescent » Fri Mar 21, 2014 12:44 am

Just thought I'd start a separate thread for this; what are some of the perhaps lesser known compaigns compared to the classics? (A campaign must have at least two levels plus some type of briefings utilized to distinguish it from a pure collection.) Of course also the quality will presumably vary more than the 'classics', but that's to be expected. So far, I can think of half a dozen (that are not XL ones) to get this started:

Chasm (really should have snuck in as a classic IMO - some very nice gameplay);
Harqygia Mission;
Gradius 3D: Defiance;
Omicron Project;
Dr. Moreau's Saga of Death

All these are Descent II. Feel free to comment opinions on any of these if desired, but it's optional. :) Anyone familiar with possible others that aren't mentioned as much?
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