So, in D2, can triggers enable/disable other triggers?

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So, in D2, can triggers enable/disable other triggers?

Post by mike8887123 » Tue Jun 24, 2014 10:39 pm

I've noticed in some counterstrike levels that some triggers (the kind you fly through) only work if something else was done first... or they only work once. Either that or I'm mistaking. I can only think of one example as of right now, and its in the bonus level you find in level 17 or 20 (the beloris bonus level). In that bonus level, there's a part up on one of the higher floors where you enter a room, you can see an extra life through the grate ahead of you, and the secret door to your left opens. If you miss it, it never opens again and thus you have to do it the hard way with a guided missile (which is a relatively tricky GM trick for counterstrike). I'm sure you guys know this part. My point is that it seems to me as if triggers can be disabled and enabled by other triggers. Is that what's happening here? I'm pretty sure I've seen this elsewhere throughout D2- I just can't recall any more examples off hand, but I'll list some later.

So, if there is a way to disable/enable triggers, can we do it in DLE and rebirth? I don't see why rebirth couldn't handle it if I play counterstrike through rebirth and the feature is present.

Just thought I'd ask
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Re: So, in D2, can triggers enable/disable other triggers?

Post by Alter-Fox » Wed Jun 25, 2014 8:33 am

Nope. There's no enable/disable feature except in D2X-XL, and D2 Counterstrike didn't use any feature like that. To be honest that surprised me, but I guess Parallax didn't need that complexity of scripting until D3.
What there is is a flag you can check on a fly-through trigger (on a control panel it will have no effect) that makes it "one-shot" -- the trigger will only activate once. Really useful for doing traps like the ones in Seaspring Gorge, where you've got to use a control panel to deactivate the trap... that way you can re-enter the area later without setting off a trap that you now have no way to disable. Using it for puzzles in a secret level where you can't save or load is kind of a dick move :P.
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