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Unofficial Unauthorized D2 Sound Patch (UUD2SP)

Posted: Wed Jul 02, 2014 6:44 pm
by Xfing
After much toil and many half-successful attempts, finally there's success! With priceless help and guidance from the omniscient Jeff250 I was able to complete quite a treat for all you Descent 1 fans who have always regretted the axing of so much audio content from Descent 2. Well, at last you no longer have to worry about that.

Get version 1.0 here. D2 ventilation fan sound.
Get version 1.1 here. D1 ventilation fan sound.
Get version 1.2 here. Fixed D1 boss sounds.

The replacement Descent2.HAM file does not alter gameplay balance in any way, nor does it likewise screw with pre-existing content, so you can feel completely safe replacing your current one with it. The only difference from the original file are the sound designations for relevant objects. A readme file is included that details everything.

Changes brought to the table are:

Version 1.0:

1) Fixed sounds present in the original sound files which would speed up to twice the speed when played at 22kHz. These include:

AFBR_2.WAV - the sound of the afterburner stopping
BOSS02.WAV - Descent 1 Boss deathroll sonud
LASER05.WAV - Smart Missile impact sound
ROBOT15.WAV - The Vulcan Driller's distinct shriek
SENDREQ.WAV - Multiplayer info beep
SQUAKE.WAV - The aftereffects of an Earthshaker Missile impact

2) Added sounds upscaled to 22kHz for the following (none of these collide with or compromise already existing sounds within the sound files):
- All kinds of doors first introduced in Descent 1. This will also alter those of them used in Descent 2 Counterstrike and Vertigo, which is mostly secret doors but also the badass gray, metal door and the mine entry hatch, which can be opened in levels 2 and S2.
- Descent 1 ventillation fan sound. (For now left unused, but is added to the .SXX files and can be viewed and/or replaced using DTX2 if need be. )
- Descent 1 "Drone cannon" sound. This one is named laser12.wav and there is a file of the same name in Descent 2, but carrying a different sound. I added this one back so it could be used for the Class 1 Drone and the red Spider robot.
- Descent 1 "Tear" sound. Same case as above: the filename is identical, but the sound is new. So I brought back the old one too. This is the sound that the Medium Lifter's claws make when they scrape against your hull, and it remains used only by the Medium Lifter.
- The original sounds for the following robots: Medium Lifter, Advanced Lifter, Class 2 Drone, Spider Processing Robot (and Cloaked Lifter), Gopher Robot, Plasma Driller, Fusion Hulk.

Version 1.1:

1) Fixed the "fan01.wav" sound by eliminating a static pop noise at the end. Assigned "fan01.wav" to the fan texture in place of "fan01alt.wav, as it seems more liked by people. The original sound file is also present in the file so the change is easily reversible.

Version 1.2:

1) Fixed the D1 boss sounds – they previously had improper sound flags assigned to them, so that the Class 1 Drone sound played as the perpetual sound, while the sound meant to play as the perpetual sound only played occasionally as a “notice” sound. Now the two bosses from D1 (along with the “No Countdown Boss 1 variation) should have proper sounds playing. The recent D2X-Rebirth version 0.60 Beta 1 introduced the proper D1 boss AI back to the game, so you might as well go and test it!

I didn't bother attaching unused sounds from Descent 1 - these were mostly sounds meant for the boss robots, but there were also two or three sounds apparently meant for regular robots. If there's interest, these files can easily be added at a later date, but I believe simple replacements via DTX2 should be enough for now.

Anyhow, now you can enjoy the D1 content in its full glory as far as sound is concerned. Feel free to download, share and spread, no credit required.

Now go out there and play some Apocalyptic Factor using these files and tell me if they bettered the experience! ^^

Re: Unofficial Unauthorized D2 Sound Patch (UUD2SP)

Posted: Wed Jul 02, 2014 7:26 pm
by Pumo
Oh my, that is so cool! Great job you did there Xfing! :D
I MUST check this out, I always missed the original D1 sounds for the robots and doors in D2, so now D2:Vertigo will play and feel much better, if that's even possible! :)

Re: Unofficial Unauthorized D2 Sound Patch (UUD2SP)

Posted: Wed Jul 02, 2014 7:52 pm
by Krom
Welp, there is another reason why I should dust off my joystick and play some Descent single player.

Re: Unofficial Unauthorized D2 Sound Patch (UUD2SP)

Posted: Thu Jul 03, 2014 2:41 am
by Xfing
Version 1.1 with the updated fan sound is up. Enjoy.

Also, feel free to make suggestions for future versions. It's not like there's a lot to add, but there are still some unused sounds from D1 for example.which editors could find handy.

Re: Unofficial Unauthorized D2 Sound Patch (UUD2SP)

Posted: Thu Oct 26, 2017 5:33 am
by Xfing
Version 1.2 is up! I fixed the D1 boss sounds, the perpetual sounds the bosses were making were mixed up with the "see" sound in the previous patch. With this version, you should have the full D1 boss experience, especially since Zico found a way to bring back their actual D1 AI back to D2!