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D3 Dedicated Server on Windows Tutorial (w/o servertool)

Posted: Fri Jun 16, 2006 7:47 am
by Do_Checkor
OK, since I can't find my old explanations anymore I wrote this new from the scratch.

First of all: I recommend to use the D3Servertool V.3 from DE-Hunter which can be downloaded for free at: :-)

OK, but to get back on topic, here we go WITHOUT ANY tools except notepad ;-):

Do_Checkor's D3-Dedi-Tutorial 2006 Version 1.3

First of all:

You need to read the COMPLETE tutorial VERY carefully before you do anything else (make files etc.).

Change the folder \"C:\\Descent3\\\" to match YOUR folder, EVERYWHERE you find it below...

Please add a new folder into your Descent3 root named \"DEDI\" to put configfiles in.

Make new text-files with the file-names as shown after \"File: \" (rightclick in windows-explorer -> new -> TXT - Notepad will be opened) and paste the content as described below. After adjusting the settings to your needs save the file (NO .TXT AT THE END !).

MAKE SURE THERE ARE NO BLANK CHARACTERS / SPACES AT THE END OF EACH LINE - THIS WILL CAUSE AN ERROR ! Don't know why but copying from forums to editor causes to automatically add browsers whitespaces sometimes...

A better way to get these files would be to download them by clicking on the link under each description. But you NEED TO CHECK EVERY FILE REGARDING IT'S CONTENT. Servernames, Missions, Passwords, etc. must to be changed on your own. You can open ALL files in notepad (shift+rightclick them -> open with -> notepad) to edit them.

This is just an example or call it recommendation:

File: C:\\Descent3\\DEDI\\dedicated_1.cfg

Code: Select all

[server config file]
ConnectionName=Direct TCP~IP
MOTD=Welcome to another server made by Do_Checkor's tutorial ;-)
http://Descentforum.NET/ServerOps/downl ... ated_1.cfg

Remember to either delete (if you don't want a .mps file) the line \"MultiSettingsFile=C:\\Descent3\\DEDI\\adv_settings_1.mps\" in the 2nd row or adjust it to match your directory. Same with the remote console: in the example it is turned OFF (AllowRemoteConsole=0) but I left the necessary config-lines, so if you really want it, change it to \"AllowRemoteConsole=1\" which MAY cause crashes by bugusers. The Password \"YOUR_PASSWORD_HERE\" should be changed too in case you turn remote console ON...

File: C:\\Descent3\\DEDI\\adv_settings_1.mps (this is OPTIONAL: if you want to ban the Black Pyro for example:)

Code: Select all

name	CheckorsTutoServer_1
ShipBan		Black Pyro
http://Descentforum.NET/ServerOps/downl ... ings_1.mps

If you DON'T want this file / settings you need to delete the 2. row of your dedicated_1.cfg which refers to this file...

The next file is for getting your game into the serverlists of Vortex, Kali,, gamespy, kquery and so on. This one may NOT be created in your DEDI folder as it would not work. It needs to be in your D3 main folder:

File: C:\\Descent3\\trackers.cfg (For use in USA, leave the 0's and the spaces like shown - one space before and one after - this is VERY important!)

Code: Select all

http://Descentforum.NET/ServerOps/downl ... ackers.cfg

File: C:\\Descent3\\trackers_eu.cfg (For use in Europe, leave the 7's and the spaces like shown - one space before and one after - this is VERY important!) REMEMBER TO CHANGE the filename in your StartDedi_1.bat (see below) from \"trackers.cfg\" to \"trackers_eu.cfg\" if you are from europe...

Code: Select all

http://Descentforum.NET/ServerOps/downl ... ers_eu.cfg

File: C:\\Descent3\\DEDI\\StartDedi_1.bat (for each server-instance a new batchfile. Set a unique dedicated.cfg, useport, tempdir and gamespyport for each one)

Code: Select all

start /D \"C:\\Descent3\\\" /min main.exe -launched -dedicated C:\\Descent3\\DEDI\\dedicated_1.cfg -gspyfile trackers.cfg -gamespyport 20143 -useport 2093 -framecap 250 -setdir C:\\Descent3 -tempdir C:\\Descent3\\custom\\cache\\dedi1\\
You need to create the FOLDER (directory) for each tempdir first with the Windows Explorer (example:
C:\\Descent3\\custom\\cache\\dedi3\\ and so on - depends on how many dedis you start... )

(Sidenote: It doesn't matter where you set the tempdir to, but 1. you need to set it if you want to run more than one dedi-instance, and 2. you need to refer to it within the .bat)

File: C:\\Descent3\\DEDI\\autoexec_1.dmfc (this is OPTIONAL: you can add a DMFC file to your server to adjust further settings. In case you want it, add \"-autoexec autoexec_1.dmfc\" to the end of the commandline in your StartDedi_1.bat

Code: Select all

RemoteAdmin OFF
AllowTeamChange ON
AutoBalance ON
AutoSaveDisconnect ON
AutoSaveLevel ON
MinCount 3
MaxCount 12
ServerHudNames TEAM
KillMsgFilter NONE
http://Descentforum.NET/ServerOps/downl ... xec_1.dmfc

(Sidenote: The .DMFC will apply the commands AFTER the server launched successfully)

If you got a router or real firewall running you need to open the following ports and maybe forward them from the router to your dedi-machine, otherwise you won't see them in the trackerlists, Vortex, Kquery etc.:

-Port 2093 UDP (and further - depending how many instances you run)
-Port 20143 UDP (and further - depending how many instances you run)

If you can't chose \"UDP\" as the protocol try to find \"TCP + UDP\" as an option. If that is not available too and you can't chose the type of protocol it should work so or so (as standard is TCP+UDP).

Further infos for dedi-settings can be found at:

good luck and best regards,

Martin \"Do_Checkor\" Timmermann

Posted: Tue Apr 24, 2007 2:58 pm
by Do_Checkor

Posted: Wed Apr 25, 2007 6:11 am
by The Lion
Actually those 0's in gamespy.cfg mean \"No location specified\". Here's the list of region codes:

Code: Select all

0  Unspecified 
1  Southeast US
2  Western US
3  Midwest US
4  Northwest US/West Canada
5  Northeast US/East Canada
6  United Kingdom
7  Continental Europe
8  Central Asia/Middle East
9  Southeast Asia, Pacific
10  Africa
11  Australia/NZ/Pacific
12  Central, South America

Posted: Sat Apr 28, 2007 5:39 pm
by Do_Checkor
updated to Vers. 1.3 - includes download-links for each file, and some additions and finetunings ;-)

@Lion: Theoretically you are right. But in fact the country-codes are bullshit in case of D3. In other games they might be senseful and balancing - in our small community not. The country codes are for sortings and filtering purposes. This dosn't even work with D3 / Vortex so actually we could just forget it completely ;-)

Thanks for posting the list anyways...

Posted: Sun Apr 29, 2007 8:51 am
by The Lion
Well, that's because D3 doesn't use the gamespy protocol for server
queries, and Vortex simply ignores the region codes. I'm not aware
of any other problems, and there are several servers with codes
other than 0 and 7:

Code: Select all

==> ./Von #19 FT40 (AC w FF)/location <==
Northwest US/West Canada

==> ./[AUS] Server 1/location <==

==> ./Stadium/location <==
Southeast US

==> ./Grendel #12 AC9 - Powerhouse/location <==
Western US
But still, you're right about the \"we could just forget it completely\" thing. :)
These codes are not important.

Posted: Sun Apr 29, 2007 12:53 pm
by Do_Checkor
erm there are no \"other problems\" actually...

the reason why some ops have something else than \"0\" is that in D3Server3 you can specify a region code by a dropdown list...

Whatever. It doesn't matter which code is used.

Posted: Mon Apr 07, 2008 4:12 pm
by JRock
hi can you please explain where the commands that go in this file come from?
File: C:\\Descent3\\DEDI\\adv_settings_1.mps (this is OPTIONAL: if you want to ban the Black Pyro for example:)

name CheckorsTutoServer_1
ShipBan Black Pyro

http://Descentforum.NET/ServerOps/downl ... ings_1.mps

If you DON'T want this file / settings you need to delete the 2. row of your dedicated_1.cfg which refers to this file...
What I mean is I don't see a \"ShipBan\" command listed anywhere in the dedi-related command lists. And isn't \"name\" taken care of by the \"gamename\" command in the dedi cfg file?

Is there no DisallowShip=BlackPyro command to put right in the .cfg file?