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Post by Do_Checkor » Tue Jun 02, 2015 12:41 pm

This is a final warning to who ever plays under this nick name (and variations of it).

I received a ridiculous number of messages from my Descentforum.NET servers for the last couple of months about tons of wear words and several warnings - and even kicks.

I understand you might find it funny, but I am asking you to keep in mind that I receive an email for EVERY warning you get by the automated profanity filter system.

The system asks you to keep polite and DON'T spam with bad words. This is by intention. If you don't like my rules please just don't play on my servers.

Nobody other than you acts so disrespectful and childish. In any case of a further email / warning - abusing my rare spare time - I feel forced to decide that you are not welcome anymore.

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