4GB CF Card Brand New - Trade or LTB!

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4GB CF Card Brand New - Trade or LTB!

Post by HighOctane_Jared » Wed Jun 10, 2009 7:29 am

Hey everyone,

I own a 8GB Zen Micro Photo MP3 player. The hard drive decided to go out on me - so I discovered I can replace it with a CF card. Well, apparently some of the Transcend cards don't support PIO mode 4 or something like that, which means it won't work in my player (my player detects it is there, just won't accept firmware).

If someone has a CF card lying around, or even if they use one, I really would like to trade. I just bought it brand new - and I am not really in a position to throw more money around, and since I got it on eBay - no refund.
What to be aware of in getting a CF to use. First and formost is the PIO mode that is supported. Mode 4 and/or 6 are needed, one or the other will be needed. Mode 4 is the most available at the moment.
That is the information I have about which one I need.

I paid $250 for this thing in 2006 - hate to throw it away.

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Post by Zantor » Wed Jun 10, 2009 7:33 am

May I suggest selling it at a local camera store? The only place I see CompactFlash cards these days is in mp3 players and professional grade DSLR cameras.