(FS) serialized pulp SF goodness

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(FS) serialized pulp SF goodness

Post by Buef » Fri Jun 24, 2005 6:43 pm

I have this Author's novel (S**t Happens: A brief and cocise guide to History) and this is going to be great stuff for those who like SF, horror and have a slightly deranged sense of humor. Check it out, first installment is free, if you want the rest it is but 3 dollars.


Cloud Monsters of the Oort
by William I. Lengeman III
A serial novella, in twelve weekly installments.
Coming soon (July 15, 2005) to an Inbox near you!

Contact: William I. Lengeman III
Email: wileng*AT*mindspring.com
Info/Ordering: wileng.home.mindspring.com/CM.htm


Has your Inbox lost it's luster?

Are you tired of wading through offers from demented African finance ministers and grammatically challenged purveyors of pharmaceuticals who persist in casting aspersions on your virility and the size of your endowment?

Well, maybe it's time for something a little different.

May we suggest Cloud Monsters of the Oort, by the relatively obscure authorial presence known as William I. Lengeman III? It's a serial novella, to be presented via email, in twelve weekly installments. It's available by subscription only and it just may be what you need to put a little spring back in your step.

"But, what is this Cloud Monsters of the Oort business?" I can hear you asking yourself right about now. Well, it's sort of a throwback to the days of "classic" pulp fiction (not Tarantino, knucklehead - the other kind), to those days when men were men, women swooned, monsters â?? as often as not â?? had bug eyes and the bad guys took the time to explain themselves before attempting to dispatch the hero. Picture, if you will, SF with overtones of horror and a vaguely modern-day sensibility. Or whatever.

"But, what's it all about?" You may be asking yourself. "Does it have a plot? Does it have characters? Do rugged lantern-jawed protagonists with a penchant for making witty retorts even in the thick of things zip around in nifty little spacecraft, bravely battling the thoroughly one-dimensional forces of evil? Are there wisecracking robots shoehorned into the story primarily for the purpose of providing comic relief for consumers with appallingly short attention spans? Is there a cantina?" (Answers - yes, yes, probably not, absolutely not, no.)

"So whatâ??s it really about, wiseguy?" You ask, getting a little impatient with these shenanigans. Okay, okay. Cloud Monsters follows the rough-edged, trash-talking crew of the Kymyaz as it makes its way through the Oort Cloud, way out there beyond the solar system. The crew make a scant living following along in the wake of better-funded, more respectable mining operations and gleaning what leftovers they can.

Of course a story about a bunch of roughneck miners vacuuming up mineral scraps a trillion years from Earth wouldnâ??t be much of a story, would it? Well, thatâ??s alright, because before long the crew finds something so far beyond their ability to comprehend that...well, as the old TV commercials used to say, "read the book."

Sound good? Maybe? Okay, here's the deal. Click the link below, go to the Cloud Monsters Web page and read the first installment. If you even marginally thrilled, then click the PayPal link on the Web page and order yourself up twelve weeks of serialized pulp SF goodness.

But be sure to act now. Operators are standing by. Installment two hits the streets July 15, 2005.

Cloud Monsters of the Oort
Info/Ordering: wileng.home.mindspring.com/CM.htm