RoboDogFight finish

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RoboDogFight finish

Post by LEON » Sun Oct 26, 2008 4:56 am

A SP mission. [Yeah, I know im bad at names :D ] ... TW14dnc9PQ

There's an intro level before the main level, which will enable
2 ships [Magnum and Phoenix] You can collect your weapon as well in
the intro level, but it's not necessary. The Intro level rooms are
included in the main level [Right behind you when you spawn in the main level]
Except in the main level the weapons spawns from a generator, so if you die, you
can pick up new weapons. No need to find your death spot.

The main level is not an mission with objectives and stuff. It's more like an
training level with an 'anarchy' feel, except for the fact that
the bots dont fight each other, except when they accidental hit each other.
Bots spawn from 33 diffrent matcen round the level. Each matcen spawns abot 40 bots,
which is plenty enuff i guess :)

In the lower part of the level, ther is an key. Pick it up and use it from your
inventory, it will end the level and show you the statistical overview.

Thanks for the tutorials all over the net, I think I have gone through them all, and
specal thanks to tutorial 'the level' on, wich I follow in every detail.

Special thanks to Atan for guide me through how to enable ships, and Checkor for
his help on scaling d3 screenshots.

Peace, take care and have fun
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Post by Alter-Fox » Tue Nov 25, 2008 10:51 am

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