New Level: Gremlin

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New Level: Gremlin

Post by [RIP]Machete_Bug » Wed Jan 27, 2010 1:33 am

Some months ago, I finished a new level intended for CTF and was ready to go public with it. Then my car got wrecked:


I’m okay. But in the dealing with the mess of getting a new car (got me a shiny new Toyota Camry :) ), I put off releasing my new level.

Then I got REAL busy at work…

Then it was time for a visit to family in Indiana… and then my 40th birthday… then insanely busy at work again, and then it was the holidays and blah blah blah blah…

So I’m finally getting around to letting folks know about my new level.

Okay, so I made another huge level. But this time with some purpose in mind. Veins is cool, but can get crowded after 12 players, IMHO. With decently balanced teams, it just starts to become team anarchy. Hopefully this is better for a larger crowd. Though getting a large crowd into anything but Veins or some other played-to-death level can be a challenge of it’s own…

Download from the following locations to check it out. I’ll probably host it on the DRH sooner or later. Chances are good on sooner.
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