D2X-XL demo mission

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D2X-XL demo mission

Post by Alter-Fox » Sun Oct 24, 2010 1:17 pm

I've been building some levels to show off D2X-XL features, I completed one of them today (it's in beta).

I used Pumo's D3 Weapons and Effects mod, and some music from my new TEW soundtrack (there's a reason I'm using music from that).

The final version will be released as a 3 level mission (this is the second level), each of which shows off some different D2X-XL features, and some of the same ones in different ways.

Since this is still beta, feel free to suggest some things to change.


NOTE: I was going to add rain effects in the outdoor area, but the new version of DLE-XP won't open PIG files for some reason, so I haven't used it yet. The final version will have rain (I don't see why I can't put an effect in just because DLE-XP can't load textures).
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