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New D1 4D level: The Experimental PQZ

Posted: Sat Mar 12, 2016 6:57 pm
by homeyduh
Self explanatory title is self explanatory. In Rebirth, you will likely experience phantom weapons, etc. I have yet to enjoy this map myself against any other players so please tell me how it is! Roncli said he would look into a fix for the phantom objects so hopefully that'll help!

Here's some trivia for anyone who's interested in the name of the level. "The Experimental PQZ" is the name of a ship you can use in Tyrian if you enter TECHNO at the menu screen. It has the same design as my favorite ship design, the Microsol Stalker...and the name also sounds like it'd be pretty interesting/mind bending to say the least.

I hope you guys enjoy the map!

EDIT: would help if I posted the link to the map!