D2 Anarchy: Raigor

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D2 Anarchy: Raigor

Post by Naphtha » Sun Jan 21, 2018 5:25 pm

"Time to shake things up and see where they settle."

Just a little anarchy map to tide you over while Plutonian Shores is being wrapped up. Well, maybe not so much "little" with its open spaces for dogfighting and lobbing explosives, but you get the idea. The concept started as a sort of "bonus" level to The Gathering, so I hope it fits right in with that concept. I might port it over to Descent 1 if there's enough people interested, but for now, have fun trying to fly straight. :P

Weapons loadout:
-8 Afterburners
-4 Energy-to-Shield Converters
-4 Quad Laser upgrades
-8 Super Laser upgrades
-4 Gauss Cannons
-20,000 Vulcan Ammo rounds
-4 Spreadfire Cannons
-4 Plasma Cannons
-4 Fusion Cannons
-8 Concussion Missiles
-8 Flash Missiles
-4 Guided Missile
-12 Homing Missiles
-8 Proximity Mines
-12 Mercury Missile
-6 Smart Missiles
-5 Mega Missiles
-3 Earthshaker Missiles

Download link here:
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Re: D2 Anarchy: Raigor

Post by Sirius » Mon Jan 22, 2018 3:23 am

I've played a preview of this one, right? The size of the rooms probably best suits it to D2 play. We kind of did need another good shaker level though.
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Re: D2 Anarchy: Raigor

Post by Xfing » Wed Jan 31, 2018 2:53 am

It does look good alright :D

Great to hear PS is getting wrapped up too, I'm gonna have something to play <3
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