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D1/D2 Level Thread

Posted: Wed Aug 25, 2004 5:13 pm
by Vlider
Discuss levels or level releases here.

Posted: Thu Aug 26, 2004 11:10 pm
by Lobber
I've zipped all of my levels, every last one I've created, into two files, one for D1 and one for D2.
They are hosted on Koolbear's Site!

Lobber's D1 levels 405.3 KB

Lobber's D2 levels 1.5 megs

D1 level pack:

Clash 500
DoH (Duel of Honor)
Opiate ("A level for Opiate")
Tempest 1.2 (Mega Tempest)

D2 Level Pack:

1D-3D ("Tour of the First 3 Dimensions")
Art of War
Chrysalis (Different from Tyranny's version)
Cordelia-S ("Shaker")
Cordelia-S2 (+Observatory)
Corners3 ("Corners Edge")
Cressida 2.0
Fusion-B ("Fusion-Bianca")
Icarus2r ("D2-Revival Version")
Icarus2v ("Vanilla Version")
Loberva 2.0
Miranda 2.0
Opiate 2.0 ("Opiate's Castle")
Portia 2.0
Portia 2.1 (Shaker version)
PyroDynamis (Firepower in Latin)
PyroDynamis 2.0 (Bouncer Columns)
PyroDynamis 69
Robo-B ("Robo-Bouncer" = play on robo-anarchy for best effect)
Sun Tzu
Sun Tzu 2.0 (Deeper hidden reactor)
Tempest 2.0
Tempest 2.1 (Shaker version)
Tempest 2.2 (Bouncer version)
Tubular 2.0 (Tags on wall)
Umbriel 2.1
Uranus 2.0 (7 level set)
Vault 2.0
Xmall 2.0
Xmallest 2.0

Any Questions?

Posted: Thu Sep 02, 2004 3:19 pm
by Lothar
My D1 levels and screenshots can be found here.

Zora is a fast, tight 1v1 power-weapons level (no spread, 1 vulcan, lots of quads / plasma / fusion.) I've had some really enjoyable matches in there.

Tetrafusion is something altogether different from most D1 levels. It's the edges of a big triangular pyramid -- a tetrahedron -- with 4 fusion cannons. There isn't any real "up" or "down" to it.

Those are my 2 favorite self-made levels...

Posted: Thu Sep 02, 2004 4:11 pm
by Avder
I'll Zip up my levels sometime and post em somewhere.

Posted: Thu Sep 02, 2004 5:13 pm
by Tyranny

mmm...yeah, says it all :)

Posted: Thu Sep 02, 2004 5:25 pm
by Lothar
So uh... what are some of the best missions you've done? A list of 30-40 missions is all well and good, but what are your recommendations for the "best of the best" of your levels?

Posted: Thu Sep 02, 2004 6:49 pm
by Lobber
Vader: You can post them on Koolbear's site like I have done. It's an easy upload, with a simple registration to his site. It's like uploading to an open FTP. That is of course, assuming his site isn't down again.

Lothar: I assume that question was directed at me since I listed all the names of all the levels I've made and posted. I'll get back to you on that. Perhaps I'll edit the original post and describe each level and give them one to five stars as to which I remember being good, and which other people didn't like.

Posted: Thu Sep 02, 2004 8:44 pm
by DCrazy
They probably don't all involve mathematical shapes, unlike your levels Lothar. :P

I think that one of your levels is your wife's avatar in disguise. Or is it the other way around?

An Honest Self Level Review

Posted: Fri Sep 03, 2004 10:54 am
by Lobber
D1 level pack:

This is the prototype level for my Icarus level. It is included for archival purposes only.
* One Star â?? for reason that it is out of date.

Clash 500
This level was abit too large and made for long fights with mega missiles. It was conceived of in a dream I had, with a large underground parking garage with many support pillars blocking the space within. Some people enjoyed it, as it was a terrifying place to fight. Fights took longer because of the fact that when you left your spawn point you immediately gained 500 shields, and could handle a couple of direct mega hits.
* One Star â?? for reason that people felt it was too large for one on one fights and too dark to see anything.

This level was a conceptual level that incorporated an alarm detection system. By way of triggers, anyone entering a room would set off a trigger in a hidden underground subway that required a trick to enter. It's a very blocky level, and few people played it for any length of time.
* One Star â?? for lack of popularity, and the fact that people hate secrets.

DoH (Duel of Honor)
This level was another concept that I had, for an honorable fight between opponents using only flares. Of course, that would take forever, so there is a trigger upon entering the cage area that drops your shields down to five points, allowing for faster fighting bouts. This level really requires three people to play properly, two combatants and one referee.
** Two Stars â?? some people enjoyed duking it out in the main areas without really using the level the way it was designed, however, implimentation of the level was perfect.

In this level, the rightful heir to the throne of AWOL, I have created my Opus. This is the greatest D1 level I have ever made, or could ever make. It has secrets within secrets within even more secrets. At first glance, the casual pilot would never even know any secrets existed here â?? they are so well hidden. The ultimate power of Descent can be realized here, if you find the â??Wings of Icarusâ?

Posted: Sat Sep 04, 2004 6:33 pm
by DarkHorse
This could potentially become a rather long thread, couldn't it?

Posted: Sat Sep 04, 2004 6:34 pm
by Lobber
Yes, that's why I got my reply in first. :D

Posted: Sat Sep 04, 2004 8:04 pm
by Kyouryuu has all my stuff.

Posted: Sat Sep 04, 2004 8:52 pm
by LordDeath
Here's my level's page on The Whoopass Cannery (which yes, is still around but hasn't been updated for a few years.)

Nice to see some old fogies here. :)

Posted: Sat Sep 04, 2004 9:11 pm
by Duper
Hey Lord Death, who did the Fusion cannon on the front page. I've always loved that pic. was wondering if they still have that model laying around.

Posted: Sat Sep 04, 2004 10:34 pm
by Ferno
hey! what happened to NaCl?

Posted: Sat Sep 04, 2004 11:35 pm
by Lobber
Ferno wrote:hey! what happened to NaCl?
Nothing happened to it.

Posted: Sat Sep 11, 2004 11:38 am
by Tricord
I created two levels worth mentioning.

The first, Tricord's Descent Party is an architectural level with different themes (medieval, water, nuclear base, etc..) and sports some nice features (there's even a shoot-and-kill-the-right-hostage-and-win-a-shaker game). You should have seen this level, but that's it. I don't think it's very suitable for actual gameplay.

The second, Bulldogfight Observatory is my original small and action-packed multiplayer level Bulldogfight re-designed to sport a huge observatory area around the level, where other ships can watch all the action below without interfering. I can't seem to find the original Bulldogfight level file, but this one is just the same with the extra observatory. The level sports golden plasma and smart missiles.
This was done at the time observatories were momentarily very popular, when someone (Kruel I believe) first came up with the idea.

Check them both out, even if it's only in singleplayer. They're both unusual in many ways. If you've never seen an observatory level, you should definitely check the second one out, it's pretty cool :)

Posted: Sat Sep 11, 2004 4:52 pm
by Sirius
Wonder if that was the observatory level I found...

Posted: Fri Oct 01, 2004 8:15 pm
by Sirian

My best levels for Descent:

Black Rose - Birdseye's D1 home level. What more needs to be said about its quality?

Greenland - The classic plasma/quads battleground. kufyit's home level.

The Cannery - The classic fusion dueling ground.

Ugh - Fusion in a Box (TM). Concept thanks to kiln, who used to say this would be his perfect level.

Three Sisters - First level of its kind, another heavily played classic. You must see it to understand.

June Bug - California favorite, one of my last levels.

Rat Hunt - LordDeath's home level. Not for the timid.

Fusion Rat's Paradise - MY home level! Never lost there, to anybody. 8)

My best levels for Descent 2:

Gunfight - Laser level for D2. Serious players only! No wussies, sissies or crybabies to whine up and down the halls about lack of their favorite toys. :lol:

Pro Lightning! The ultimate flash missile level and my D2 home. Effect spoiled slightly by buggy 3DFX lighting, which doesn't COMPLETELY blind the player the way the original game did. (I designed this level before 3DFX became common).

Pro Laserdeath - Heaven for keyboard players.

Bow to Phoenix, D1 Boy! - Two levels by Nirvana, but designed to my specs. We collaborated. The first level has one phoenix cannon and is a king of the hill level. The second level is the ultimate two-phoenix dogfight level, and my second D2 home. Defeated Birdseye there 20 to 6 in an IDL match.

White Rose, Greenland Pro, Three Brothers, June Bug. D2 versions of the D1 classics.

Three Brothers is a whoop-your-@$$ phoenix level. The phoenix changes everything.

June Bug with burners is just scary.

- Sirian

Posted: Sun Oct 03, 2004 8:07 am
by TheCops
thanx for the links sirian. those were fun to read... especially the pilots writing out their version of the events.

mobius one time detailed a kill by kill of a 1 vs 1 between birdseye and DT complete with the d3 demo. that was tight.

Posted: Sun Oct 03, 2004 4:19 pm
by Tyranny
Yes, we used to do those quite often. The War Journal was one of my favorite parts about the IDL. Then it got dropped because people stopped submitting stories. That and it saved the IDL staff from doing more updates then time allowed them. EDPR had a few, but again very few submitted anything. Esp and myself were the only ones with more then one War story.

As you can see it hasn't been updated in quite a while. Mike stopped updating it because we were pretty much done with Descent. I really wish he would have finished the updated Pilots section including the "honored" portion. It was fun writing tributes to a bunch of the greats of this game :P

Posted: Sun Oct 03, 2004 5:07 pm
by kurupt
ooooh, i have one on there!


Posted: Sun Oct 03, 2004 10:03 pm
by Lothar
ahhh, so that's where EDPR went. I was looking for the kufyit comic for my Chicago writeup...

Posted: Mon Oct 04, 2004 11:02 am
by Sirian
::Checks out EDPR::

Wow, I made a level called Shoebox? :?

::Tries to remember...::

Well, I probably did. Must not have been a memorable one, though. The level title probably says it all. :lol:

- Sirian

Posted: Tue Oct 05, 2004 4:12 am
by Tyranny

Posted: Thu Feb 10, 2005 2:19 pm
by Diedel
Find my D2 levels here (check the side menu).

My top 3 multiplayer levels are Pyromaniac, Diedel's Playground (D2 and Unreal textured versions available), and Unreal-D2.

Pretty good levels are 1999, Fubar and Pyrotechnica (the latter imo is a piece of art, rather on the big side though).

Then I've built two new levels in 2004: Circus Maximus (dogfight/ratting) and Dogfight!.

No wait, there's a third one: It's called "With Flying Colors" and is a CTF level. Rather large and 900 cubes though ... :roll: ... as this does not pose a problem on today's computers and broadband connections.

Posted: Thu Feb 17, 2005 1:15 am
by Sirius
Okay... the various missions DarkHorse and I built... more than a hundred individual levels in total I do believe... are here:

Descent 1
Descent 2
Descent 3

forgotten levels

Posted: Wed Apr 20, 2005 3:10 pm
by DarkFlameWolf
Most of my levels (spread out across all 3 Descents totaling over 100 levels) are scattered across the database of No doubt I have a website of my own, but the download links went down a long time ago and I still (to this very day) can't understand why they don't work, even when the links are pointing to the right locations. Ah well, the most notable ones are Bahagad Outbreak for D2, Lost Levels for both D1 and D2, and Chocobo series for D3.

Posted: Thu Jun 02, 2005 4:06 pm
by Riot
Sirius wrote:Okay... the various missions DarkHorse and I built... more than a hundred individual levels in total I do believe... are here:

Descent 1
Descent 2
Descent 3
What a bunch of dead links :P

Posted: Thu Jun 02, 2005 8:48 pm
by DCrazy
God, I remember using Chocobo Racing as an OG3 test bed. Then after Chocobo went standard multi, we started using Chain of Grass. MAN that was long ago!

Posted: Thu Jun 09, 2005 8:03 am
by Aus-RED-5
Thought I'd submit my D1 mission/ level here.
I made this back in 1999. So its old, and go easy on me. I was young back then! :lol:

There is a README.txt in the ZIP file for info about the lvl.
Download DIGG

Thanks guys.
Enjoy! :)

Posted: Sat Jun 18, 2005 2:04 am
by Juggernaut

Posted: Sat Jun 18, 2005 2:23 am
by Sirius
Suspect I missed that.

Blame the web host, Riot. I plan to get it back up soon, but I do need to re-find a host that has what I want (adequate storage space, PHP, MySQL and not too obscene advertising). They are often hard to come by unless you happen to have some money on hand...

Posted: Thu Mar 09, 2006 9:01 am
by RatoN
I just finished this anarchy level for Descent 2 called Thanatos I figure I'd share.


Enjoy :)

Posted: Fri Mar 10, 2006 6:49 pm
by Sirius
Good effort. Looks quite interesting.

Posted: Mon Mar 13, 2006 7:01 am
by Diedel

your level is good and solid work. It might however be a little on the large side, and personally I'd prefer it to be somewhat darker. ;)


Posted: Mon Mar 13, 2006 10:42 am
by RatoN
Diedel wrote:RatoN,

your level is good and solid work. It might however be a little on the large side, and personally I'd prefer it to be somewhat darker. ;)
Haha... Suncho said the same thing, but I guess I perfer well lit levels.

Regarding the size, I personally thought it was a little on the small side, but it works good with 2-4 players.

Descent2 Single player - Cooperative missions

Posted: Wed Oct 18, 2006 6:09 pm
by Tankie2
I'm looking for some good missions that will play in ORIGINAL and 3Dfx exe. I've downloaded a few that simply will not load and some that in fact crash 3dfx Elusions Design missions. I've done the Orion Nebula Project and Vertigo so many times I know them like the back of my hand now even after it's been a year or two since I last played them.

I know someone will say I shouldn't be using 3dfx or Descent2.exe, and I say that I have played the ellusions and some others using D2X (from the Bradley era) but hey, I'm OLD SCHOOL and there ain't been no sdl or ogl yet that compares to glide for prettiness inspite of all the extra pixels you can pack into the textures using opengl or sdl or whatever. But I digress.

If you have any old school single player missions could you zip them together and post a link here or PM, or perhaps offer them on Kali next time you see me? At this point I'd even appreciate some bad ones.


Posted: Fri Oct 20, 2006 3:36 am
by Diedel
If you don't know them, try Bahagad Outbreak and Lost Levels from DarkFlameWolf, and The Apocalyptic Factor. Find links on my D2 site.

Posted: Fri Oct 20, 2006 1:02 pm
by Duper
She was having trouble getting the newer levels working on regular old D2 and/or the 3DFX mod.

You can catch her on Kali if she doesn't respond here anytime soon.