Issue with default path?

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Issue with default path?

Post by )))MuSiC((( » Wed Jan 26, 2005 6:21 pm

Well i was wondering what was happeneing the past couple days with my score... and i found something intresting.

Apparently for some reason my console setup on at least 3 of my machines has made work files and config info onto my desktop instead of its startup folder.....

i am guessing this is some kinda default path issue but i had previously setup them to submit WU's under my name... now they have been folding under No one. and well i havent been getting my points :(

has anyone else run into this issue? if so whats the fix.... or am i just a dork and found a bug or something..

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Post by KompresZor » Thu Jan 27, 2005 7:47 am

Music, this is an easy one :) The console doesn't come with a setup program :D you have to put it in the folder you want it to run from.

What I would do is make a F@H folder wherever you like, move all the files from the desktop to the new folder. Make sure you move the FAH502-console.exe to the folder also since it's the program and not a setup :)

Make a shortcut to the FAH502-console.exe program on your desktop, remane the shortcut to FAHconfig. Edit the shortcut and add the switch -configonly to the Traget line so it looks something like this "C:\where you put your folder\FAH502-console.exe"-configonly
Click apply :)

Now you can run the shortcut FAHconfig and change any of the settings that you need to correct any errors. Note: this will only run the config part of the program, it will not start F@H.

If you set it up to run as a service you will need to run REGEDIT to add any command line switches. If not you will have to add a shortcut to Start>Programs>Startup. You can find more detalied information in this thread