Why D2X-XL is the best Descent version

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Why D2X-XL is the best Descent version

Post by Diedel » Wed Apr 25, 2007 4:25 am


D2X-XL offers the highly balanced gameplay of Descent 1 and 2. The purists who already consider Descent 2 compromised can play Descent 1 missions with D2X-XL.

Descent 3 in comparison just doesn't feel right. The ships are faster, hence the levels are out of proportion. Some uber weapons (Napalm missile, Mass Driver, Magnum w/ triple Fusion for tunnels) ruin the game.


D2X-XL's improved collision detection offers the highest challenge for both single and competitive multiplayer gaming. Additional statistic features like weapon efficiency and object tally display offer direct feedback for the player like no other Descent version.

Eye Candy

With its ability to handle high resolution textures and 3D objects plus the plethora of weapon effects D2X-XL can reach and surpass Descent 3 in this area. Combined with the enhancements and ease of use the level editor DLE-XP offers, D2X-XL has everything other Descent versions do and more.


D2X-XL uses a highly optimized version of the Descent 2 rendering engine, giving it superior rendering speed.

Memory Efficiency

Efficient memory and texture management keep the memory consumption of D2X-XL at a minimum at all times. User applicable restrictions to permissible level sizes allow it to run even on low end systems.

Ease Of Use

The overhauled menu system of D2X-XL is well structured, easy to navigate and contains a built-in help system explaining every menu option on the spot. A simplified menu structure is available. D2X-XL offers facilities to completely tune it to an individual system with a few mouse clicks. The extended mission directory structure helps to organize even an excessive number of mission files.

Game modes

D2X-XL offers the most variety in built-in game modes for multiplayer games. Singleplayer missions profit from D2X-XL's many additions to the standard game mechanisms.

Cheat Protection

D2X-XL protects the players in multiplayer sessions from manipulation of the ship data, should anyone try to cheat that way. Enhanced consistency checks protect the network communication and take care of synchronization issues.

Bottom line

If you are serious about challenging single player or highly competitive multiplayer gaming, there is no way around D2X-XL for you.
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