How I set up the new versions of Descent in Kali:

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How I set up the new versions of Descent in Kali:

Post by Tankie2 » Sun Jan 28, 2007 3:20 pm

How I set up the new versions of Descent in Kali:

First of all, I set D1X-Rebirth up as a custom game and name the Game \"D1X-Rebirth 0.50\" and not by selecting Descent from Kali's list of games to install then redirecting the default to a different executable.

This also allows me to see D1X rebirth-hosted games listed separately in the 'Game Lobbies' folder in the 'Kali Resources' frame. It also then clearly shows D1X rebirth as an option to launch in a game lobby, not as \"Descent\" follow by obscure alphanumeric value. If I also have D2X-XL I would do the same for it. This method clearly identifies the game launch icon in the status bar when I hover the cursor it using the custom game name I provided. This is also handy if i decided to ad more than one version since I included the version number in the game name.

I do not need to put any command line arguments that aren't already in the d1x.ini (default) file like I would in setting up the original game with Kali's preset config.

I can however set a switch for alternate ini files I may want to use for a specific D1X-Rebirth configuration I want to check out (EG: -ini test.ini) or to add a switch to my usual configuration that I only need to use in Kali. As an example one switch I would only need to use in kali is <-kali>, to use Kali for networking, or to load a Descent profile.

Since most Kali games are D1X only and for anarchy I created a multi profile I had named kalid1xr which has the D1X only option checked. I load these two options in the Kali game cofiguration dialog \"Cdm Ling Args\" box in this way: <-kali -mprofile kalid1xr.pfl>. I could also assign a default player for each Kali user or Kali serial number using this method if I wished.

Through Kali, D1X-R loads these switches on launch, then uses the default ini file (d1x.ini) which contains the remaining switches. An example follows.

Note: I renamed the original d1x.ini file that came with the distribution to d1xrebirth.ini.txt because it contains valuable information on the use and purpose of the many siwtches I can use. Only then did I create this short, sweet abreviated file as my default.


-pps 10
-cockpit 0
-msgcolorlevel 3
-hudlines 6
-maxfps 60
-missiondir missions

The only other thing I have left to do is to select the D1X icon by selecting choose from file and browsing to the d1x-rebirth.ico file. The icon cool looking and unique to Descent Rebirth. It clearly identifies the rebirth version when choosing a game to launch.

Other options, such as the game resolution, revert to the last used for the pilot I choose to use.

-and that is how I set up the new versions of Descent. :)

On another note:
D1x was originally an effort to make Descent more compatible with Kali, and as a result new versions of D1X were ragularly added to the known versions of Descent in the Kali game updates. I have it on good authority that version 0.51 of D1X-Rebirth (and D2X-Rebirth in turn) is going to be released in perhaps less than a week.

closing this rather long winded post:
I believe it is time D1X Rebirth be added to the a Kali game update with the proper pre-configuration and with it's own game icon (not the now outdated Descent default which was used before with previous D1X).

I am sure that if enough of us make an effort to request this update our Kali god, the mighty Jay, will respond and bless us by granting our wish.

Luv yas!
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