New + easy Patch for DESCENT data files 1.0 -> 1.4

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New + easy Patch for DESCENT data files 1.0 -> 1.4

Post by zico » Sun Jan 25, 2009 5:20 pm

Hello guys

As you might know, you will require v1.4a of the Descent1 data files to run D1X-Rebirth.
I initially created a patch to patch Descent.hog/pig correctly on Linux/*NIX.

However as the DOS patch always required a full Descent 1 installation it always caused problems, as new players tried to run the patch (after D1X-Rebirth refused to start) directly from the D1X-Rebirth directory - which failed, too.

Based on the Linux/*NIX patch I created a multiplatform patch which will work on Windows AS WELL.

so the patch can either be directly extracted and run from INSIDE the D1X-Rebirth directory or only with the necessary data files. What I now would like to see if FEEDBACK.
If you still own Descent 1.0, please test it and report, if you had problems and how user-friendly you thought it was.

Direct-link: ...
URL to resources page where the patch is found:

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