The Plan

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The Plan

Post by sdfgeoff » Mon Jan 14, 2013 4:27 pm

My area of focus in developing DEEP Space has shifted. Over the past years I've worked on coding, and now it is nearly done. Only the following areas remain:
- Key-mapper
- Mouse-mapper
- Buying Scene
- Finish High scores
- (update AI)
- (update asset loading to include custom addons)

This may take until the middle of this year or perhaps slightly longer, but after that it is just level creation.

From past experience, I know that level creation is (for me) the hardest. Finding the motivation to make a level (probably 24 man hours or more each) is hard. So while I have the last bit's of coding left, I'll be working on making the level-making quicker, hence the packs and scripts.

The next public releases will mark the following milestones:
Release 1.3:
- End of the main menu's. Keymapper, mousemapper, joystick mapper, scores, options etc.
- Predicted Date: Early February

Release 1.4:
- Completed Buying scene, high-scores and retained score/money per campaign.
- Predicted Date: May

Release 1.5:
- AI update. Updating libload structure for increased level flexibility.
- Predicted Date: July-August

From about then there will probably be no more major releases, just patches to fix bugs and level addons.
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