a view from Montana......

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a view from Montana......

Post by callmeslick » Sun Oct 16, 2016 3:01 pm

a guy I know who builds driftboats and designs flies sent me this while I was out of online contact. He might have the most spot on analysis I've read:

I've got this Trump shit figured out. The pieces are all there. Others have been saying it too, although perhaps only in bits and pieces. The bottom line is this: Trump is not rich. He's been almost broke for ten years. On top of that he's been borderline psychotically insecure since childhood. He can't look back. Even to himself he can't admit any kind of failure. He's like the "Bigis Dickis" scene in the Monty Python Life of Brian movie where the homosexual Caesar refuses to acknowledge everybody laughing at him. Even though everybody is laughing. All around him. He refuses to accept reality so he charges ahead at all times, never looking back and never admitting anything.

In the Nova or Frontline biography from a month ago his bankers said it. When he declared the 930 million dollar bankruptcy ten years ago the bankers said Trump didn't seem to understand freshman accounting. They talked about liquidating everything, but decided to keep him afloat because he was too valuable as a marketing tool. They--the banks--would take a smaller hit if they kept him around. So he's got these towers now in New York and Chicago but he doesn't own them. He skims a little marketing money and that's it. Everything trump belongs to banks, to Russian billionaires and to Saudi oil Princes. But not to Trump himself.

Mark Cuban said it too. Cuban said--to Donald--about Trump's Kansas City Steak enterprise "Donald are you really that hard up for money?"

Think about Trump University. This was outright fraud. A confidence scheme. They targeted ambitious but poorly educated social climbers. Trump told them "We'll make you rich!" and then delivered nothing. Criminal prosecution could still come from that fiasco. Only a wildly insecure and uncontrollably desperate billionaire would undertake outright fraud like that. This guy is borderline psychotic.

How did this happen? His father was a racist German real estate developer who paid no attention to the kids. Woody Guthrie wrote a song about Trump Sr--about a racist Nazi in Brooklyn. Trump was a sullen juvenile delinquent who got shipped off to military school. He's had behavioral and emotional issues from day one.

He has scammed the entire world. But he's scamming himself too. He's like an emotional shark that has to lurch forward at every moment, always living in fantasy land and never acknowledging what really just happened.

He's not a billionaire. He has used and needed his bizarre TV shows just to pay the rent.

He's also losing on purpose now. Not because he's in control and has a plan. He's desperately insecure. But he also knows, deep down inside, that losing the election is his only way forward.

And when he speaks--when ever he speaks--the person he is trying hardest to convince is himself.
"The Party told you to reject all evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command."
George Orwell---"1984"
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