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Please Help Support Descent Underground :)

Posted: Tue Mar 17, 2015 6:12 pm
by Gold Leader
Hai all :)

Here a new Descent game and yes it is happening finally!!

All behold the 4th Descent installment!!! Descent Underground!!!!! This is a Prequel to Descent First Strike! which was released on December 17, 1994. ... neak-peek/

Here are the livestreams that WingMan and his team did to talk more about the game and the focus of development.

This is THE moment we all have been waiting for even I myself find it hard to even believe it is finally happening, feel free to support this fabulous project 8)

Here their main page:

Here their forum:

Over there I go as Obi-Wan Kenobi at the forums and I am just helping them get some publicity, they are using Unreal Engine 4.0 and the game will be fully SMP Friendly and have full 64 Bit Support.

Also I made my intro with my Descent/Freespace collection which is the largest of it's kind in the world: ... s-intro-8/

Since I still enjoy playing Descent 1 & 2 and sometimes 3 as well I thought I'd pass this along here, so you new gen gamers can also try out this new game when its ready for Early Access :)

The game is a 6DoF meaning Six Degrees of Freedom so it will be like flying a Harrier Jump Jet in many ways, DU will have Single player & full Multiplayer support over ISP and LAN,

But yer feel free to check it out it's pretty good looking and the gameplay will make this a hit I am thinking, we needed a new Descent badly and I am sure that this will surly give the Descent fans what they all have been waiting for, catch ya around my DBB Buddies :E

And here a link showing the so far planned roadmap ... e-roadmap/

Proving Grounds starts in August 2015 and goes on forever - as people will be testing new weapons and maps before they are approved to go into alpha testing.
Alpha Testing starts in October 2015 - a few good pilots needed to help us balance all the game play.
Backer Beta starts in January 2016 - you backed early, you play early.
Launch (Single Player Prologue and Multi-Player) March 2016 - Wohoo!
Epic Single Player Campaign August 2016

I have backed this project with a 250 USD Pledge, Since this is a new Descent and I love Descent to the core ! <3

We love Descent so lets keep the game we all love alive, thanks to the DU Team we are gonna get a new Descent :)

Re: Please Help Support Descent Underground :)

Posted: Wed Mar 18, 2015 8:48 pm
by Sergeant Thorne
New live-stream tomorrow!

Re: Please Help Support Descent Underground :)

Posted: Thu Mar 19, 2015 7:36 pm
by Gold Leader
Sergeant Thorne wrote:New live-stream tomorrow!
Yes sir, even though I was busy spreading the news for the DU team, this game means the universe to me <3

Re: Please Help Support Descent Underground :)

Posted: Mon Mar 23, 2015 3:33 am
by Gold Leader
Here some updates of DU's progress, of a map they are working on:

Here WingMan's own words on that video:

"Well Descendents,

I just could not wait, here is a better look at flying through the map we are kit bashing. What that means is we are building the pieces that modders will be able to use to build their own versions.

And we are seeing how things scale etc. Here is a look at where we are, you saw this last week, and you can see some of the progress we are making in getting this together.
Anyway, I just could not wait to share this, and my continued THANKS to every single one of you for helping us bring Descent back - and letting a new generation experience the thrills and challenges of flying in true six degrees of freedom.

And with VR support - maybe we include a boxed copy with a Descendent Studios Barf Bag?


Thanks for your continued support and keep spreading the word, that is how this will all happen.

All the best,

Eric "Wingman" Peterson"

Here an image named "Core"

Here WingMan's words to that picture of the Core and other slike the Hangar bay as wel:

"The core, drone bay, and Auger ship we have shown in engine were made by someone we discovered from our own community Kajisan. Both he and Erio (gameplay programmer), have been very involved in the making of this project, and are a welcome addition to our Dev team.

Eric "Wingman" Peterson"

The DU Community also has lots of great talents such as:

Goznik is making a Hummingbird ship.

Firedragon is now focusing on weapons.

JazAero is making a Parrot style of ship.

Mourf's Piloted Tie Phantom Concept.

Louhikarme is working on a concept drone ship named the Manta.

Map design looks pretty good I have to admit, Unreal Engine uses Displacement Mapping and Tessellation, to make things looks realistic in various ways.
Imagine firing a missile through that cave and see how the light of it's trail would reflect alongside the walls...

Here our KickStarter page:

Things have been going great but there is still a long road to go and this is one thing we can only do together, so support is always of great need, the more the better :)

Descent Underground is on Steam as well, they hope to get the Green Light, feel free to help out
Here is their page ... =412870542

Please vote for this awesome game, which I have backed with many others

Many thanks

Re: Please Help Support Descent Underground :)

Posted: Tue Mar 24, 2015 11:05 am
by Isaac

Re: Please Help Support Descent Underground :)

Posted: Fri Apr 10, 2015 11:31 am
by Gold Leader
Hey all :)

Well the time has come almost to an end, but we are not there yet, so here the latest updates before this campaign comes to an end from 6 hours from now!

Here the latest video:

And here the latest updates as the Director and founder Eric "Wingman" Peterson explains:

"It's been an exhilarating month long campaign. So much discovered, so many new friends met, and the building of not just a great game, but an amazing community.

Due to your amazing support our project has done very well, but we still have some work to do.

Give a shout out to anyone you know and even those you don't that they have just a few more hours left join the rush and be part of something truly wonderful!

Engadget had some very nice things to say about us. Lots of people have read the article and it shows. We've seen quite a bit traffic coming from their site in the last day or so. If you haven't read the article, check it out!

There is still time to grab an add on from the Kickstarter page. This is a great way to support the project and get something cool too!

And why not grab a super sweet wallpaper for your PC?

Mike "Viewmaster" Morlan has put quite a few nice ones in the forum. Grab one or all of them. ... allpapers/

Just a reminder that we've announce our first stretch goals -- more will come later but the first few are:

625,000 unlocks the Shaman
650,000 and EVERYONE gets the Torch... come on you know you want it!
675,000 will unlock the Warlock

Let's do this thing -- together! We have come a long way from here."

So lets hope this will be a major success for the 6DoF gaming series, a series we all love, named the Descent series and that this series welcomes it's new chapter a prequel to Descent: First Strike! from Parallax Software, which was released on December17, 1994 on 3.5" Floppy Disc Format and on February 15, 1995 on CD Format:

Ultra Rare boxed Beta from October 24, 1994:

Descent EU FDD & CD Version Releases:


Descent USA FDD & CD Version Releases:


Descent Anniversary Edition

Descent MacPlay

Descent Levels of The World EU, MacPlay & EU:

Descent by Peter Telep:

Descent The Official Strategy Guide:

And there you have it all my Descent 1 related stuff, Descent Underground is the prequel to Descent: First Strike, that was my trip down the D1 Memory lane, lets prepare for Descent once again with it's prequel:
Descent Underground.

Re: Please Help Support Descent Underground :)

Posted: Sat Apr 11, 2015 6:54 pm
by Krom
Nice collection Gold Leader. Got me thinking as I was cleaning my room today, so I decided to share a couple pictures from a collection of mine... Between my computer desk and my closet I was able to dig up this many Sidewinder Precision Pro joysticks:
(I apologize for the blurry images, all I have available for a digital camera at the moment is my tablet's rear facing webcam.)
Click to view the full size image.

So you say that probably qualifies me as a extreme Descent player, but what exactly does an extreme Descent player need 4 joysticks for? It isn't like I use one in each hand and one for each foot when I'm playing (although the idea does sound interesting). Well, as any extreme Descent player who used a keyboard + joystick combination (even joysticks as durable as the Sidewinder Precision Pro) can attest to, you need spares to get back in the game quickly should one wear out. And to top it off, the hat switches were worn out in all 4 of these joysticks. So like any other extreme Descent player, I have a soldering iron, and a supply of replacement hat and trigger switches (each joystick requires 4 switches for the hat and 1 different type for the trigger). Instead of further cleaning my room, I ended up making an even bigger mess by soldering in the new switches on all 4 of them today. And I still have over 100 spare switches left!
Click to view the full size image.

Also worth noting that these specific switches are good for something like 10,000 cycles before they would begin to wear out, and a couple of those joysticks were on their third or fourth sets of them. It isn't like I was rough on them either, I just played Descent enough to wear them out that many times...