D3 server info filesystem for GNU/Linux

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D3 server info filesystem for GNU/Linux

Post by The Lion » Sun Jan 21, 2007 2:40 pm


For those who might be interested: I made a Perl script which uses FUSE
and gslist to provide a list of (and information on) Descent 3 servers as a

Not really intended to be useful, but it's nice to play around with for a bit, and
you'll be able to use standard Unix tools for D3 server info data mining. ;)
Also, one of the reasons I wrote this is to get a bit familiar with writing FUSE
filesystems. Maybe I'll make one to browse/edit HOG files later.

You might first have to get FUSE and the Fuse Perl module for it to work,
but if you want to try it out anyway you can get it at
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