WHy won't the AMD video drivers install? SOLVED

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WHy won't the AMD video drivers install? SOLVED

Post by CDN_Merlin » Mon Jul 07, 2014 5:21 pm

Have...to...remember.... to TURN OFF ANTI-VIRUS. ARGH. ONce I did that drivers installed without a hitch.

So I've updated my video card to a Sapphire R9-270x. My old one died with beep codes so I couldn't uninstall the drivers.

I installed the card and booted. Uninstalled the current drivers, rebooted and deleted the AMD folders.
I installed the latest driver package from AMD.
It ended with errors. The one error is that the video drivers failed to install.

I've tried manually updating them and it comes up with an error about timing out.
I've tried checking my BIOS (P8P 67LE) and can't find anything in there that would hinder it.

I've googled this to no end. Everything I've seen on the web I've either tried or hasn't worked.

Running Win 7 64bit and I'm getting frustrated. I would rather not have to re-install to get this working if need be.

Any help appreciated.

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