Updates for XP

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Updates for XP

Post by sigma » Mon Oct 05, 2015 12:46 pm

How to continue to receive updates for XP from Microsoft? As it became known, it is quite simple. The fact that Microsoft continues to support the operating system Windows POSReady 2009 for payment terminals and ATMs, which is built on the core of Windows XP. Updates for these operating systems are identical. This support includes the release of security updates and will last until April 2019. It remains only to convince Microsoft's update server that you have installed on your computer is not Windows XP, and Windows POSReady 2009.

It is necessary to add the Windows XP registry following thread:


and it creates it just one key type DWORD:

"Installed" with the value "1"

P.S. I have not yet tried to do it myself, but probably this can be done by using Registry Editor.
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